Facial Abuse Bimbo ‘Bused And Bred

Facial Abuse Bimbo 'Bused And Bred

Who doesn’t love a blonde bimbo. She seems so happy to obey, and almost too eager to please. But when the whore bowl gets dumped onto her head, she shivers like an electrified mannequin, her soul pierced by something unseen. She devours Bootleg’s old man ass like it was a life-saving elixir, downing it until her throat burns and she cries for mercy. The Yellow Discipline is poured over her face and body until every inch of her has been baptized in humiliation. The vaccinated vandal fills her with his seed, and three successive loads coat her entire face in searing shame. She ingests the sickening spunk hungrily, accepting her role as obedient whore.

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